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Give your child the confidence through the world of screen acting. Acting Performance Studio has a unique class for 4-8 year olds who love stories and want to act them out. Is your child shy, but you see them light up when it comes to costume or watching movies? Maybe they have a set-back in their learning and you want to explore new ways to bring out their best? We encourage children to get out of their comfort zone by providing a space where children learn acting through fun, friends and building confidence.  

Through our support, your child will learn how to act in front of the camera by themselves and within a group. We will give your child the skills and belief in themselves to learn lines off by heart using their own imagination and experiences to tell a story.  Your child will explore characters, learn the meaning behind ‘story’, create a script that shows the personality of their character and use costume and props to breathe life into their creation.

Junior Kids acting technique will explore:

  • Will explore and gain a variety of skills and screen techniques
  • Participate in regular improvisation exercises to promote spontaneity and encourage imagination.
  • Will learn script analysis techniques and scene studies to help you break down and understand the text you are working with.
  • Will do regular recorded scene work, rehearsing with scene partners to explore a range of ways to approach scenes.
  • Will have the unique opportunity to review and analyse your scene work in class with our playback monitors.
  • Will work with our highly experienced tutors; professional working actors, directors and filmmakers. Be supported in your training with expert advice and tips, be encouraged to find your personal approach to the craft.
  • Will participate in a variety of fun and educating drama games, working in partners and teams to help build your confidence, focus and reactivity.
  • Will assist in the film-making process, contribute to the script and character development as well as acting in a short film produced as part of the class.
  • Will work in a nurturing class environment, supporting you to grow into the best performer you can be.
  • $350 Limited GST free
    Junior Kids Acting

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    <p>&nbsp;</p><h2>ABOUT THE CLASS</h2>

    <p>Give your child the confidence through the world of screen acting. Acting Performance Studio has a unique class for 4-8


    Term 1 2024

    This class is for students that are in kinder through grade 2.

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