Creating the Character: Junior Kids


About the Class:

Give your son or daughter confidence through the world of screen acting. Acting Performance Studio has a unique class for 4-8 year olds who love stories and want to act them out. Is your child shy, but you see them light up when it comes to costume or watching movies? Maybe they have a set-back in their learning and you want to explore new ways to bring out their best? We encourage children to get out of their comfort zone by providing a space where children learn acting through fun, friends and building confidence.  

Through our support, your child will learn how to act in front of the camera by themselves and within a group. We will give your child the skills and belief in themselves to learn lines off by heart using their own imagination and experiences to tell a story.  Your child will create their own character, learn the meaning behind ‘story’, create a script that shows the personality of their character and use costume and props to breathe life into their creation.

As the year goes on, your child will learn the art of conversation, help write scripts in a group, create a short film and have fun with green screen technology so they can be one of their favourite Disney or Marvel characters. Your child will love seeing themselves on screen, and you will too.


Perform a stand-alone monologue and duologue on screen in front of a live audience whilst creating a short film with their unique characters. Your child will observe each of the processes involved in film production, including character creation, costume, green screen, filming and editing - all the necessary elements required to create a film.

You can download the curriculum for the whole year here: Junior Kids Course Outline 2022

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Creating the Character: Junior Kids

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<p>&nbsp;</p><h2>About the Class:</h2>

<p>Give your son or daughter confidence through the world of screen acting. Acting Performance Studio has a unique class


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