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About Us


We inspire artistic outcomes that build self-confidence, self-growth and acting aspirations.

Our mission is focused on the education of film in the craft of acting. We aim to nurture an individual’s gift through offering a variety of courses and workshops that recreate an ‘on set’ experience to help build and gain the essential skills that go beyond the course and into the real world of the film and television industry. We encourage all performance levels as a  supportive all-inclusive environment to develop the individual’s artistic language.


Acting classes for adults and young people of all ages and levels of experience are taught over four different locations. We run a full time program, term classes, holiday courses, casting workshops and private tuition for screen tests, callbacks or Year 11/12 performances.

Absolute beginners looking for a place to express themselves, professional actors wanting fine tuning, and intermediate actors seeking in depth training can all find a home at our studio.


  • To provide an outstanding level of actor training with courses to suit all performance levels.
  • To support students' development with an individual approach to training.
  • To ensure students work in a caring and professionally supportive environment.


We approach performance training with honesty, integrity and commitment to each student's individual development. It is our belief the art of performance will make your heart soar and enrich you as a human being. Our passion for the craft and our commitment to the personal / professional development of each student are the core motivations behind what we do. Quality education, self-growth, self-confidence and the highest level of training to fully prepare our students for a career in the industry are what defines us. We also support various charitable causes within the local community that help to promote these values that we hold so dear. You can find out more about them on our community work page.


Founder of APS, Naomi Derrick, alongside her late husband Peter Derrick, created the acting school as an extension of our sister companies SmallFry & Derrick Management talent agencies, established over 35 years ago. Naomi & Peter identified a need to offer a high level of training to actors of all ages with equal focus on both stage and screen, something they understood with children of their own training in the performing arts. They imagined a tiered pathway of acting courses. This pathway would cater to each student's individual level. Growing and deepening as the actor's ability grew and deepened. To learn more about the pathway to representation, please go to our talent pathway page.


Finding the gift in everyone is my talent. I’m a true believer that everyone has something special. I discover and instil the belief in all my students that they can conquer this world with individuality and confidence, both in front the camera and in their everyday lives.

From a very tender age, I was spotted at a wedding, dancing and being myself. Friends came up to my parents and told them how much of a natural talent I am. All I wanted from that day forward, from the confidence I had from that acknowledgement, was to see the talent in others, as that couple saw in me.

Not everyone fits into the same box. For instance, I remember watching my son play football and he wasn’t interested in the game, but was doing cartwheels on the ground. I didn’t tell him to keep his eye on the ball, but rather told him to point his feet so he can perfect his cartwheel. It’s what was best for him. That’s all that matters.

Once, I was looking for talent to audition for The Sound of Music. I spotted a kid from my children’s school and a neighbour’s kid, and saw that something in them that I believed they had the ability to audition. They hadn’t been taught to sing or dance, but I could see something special in them. Others who had auditioned had been over-rehearsed and not genuine, so the casting agency took me seriously and auditioned the children I found, giving them the parts in the production.

Together with my husband Pete, we saw a space to teach film and television acting. Our boys were learning the acting craft, and belonged to a casting agency, but they couldn’t learn the specific skills to be in front of a camera. We created Acting Performing Studio, Pete’s dream, in 2011 to bring dedicated training to those who want camera experience.

My nurturing manner, my leading qualities and my business savviness, have turned Acting Performing Studio into four family-based acting studios across Melbourne, with more to come. I instil into all my staff that we all don’t fit into the box that life gives us, we all flourish in different ways, and it’s the Acting Performing Studio’s objective to find the best qualities in each student, so that they can shine in harmony within themselves and onto the screen.

It's a true joy to see people discover their inner joy and light. I love watching them blossom. I know that’s my strength, and I know in my heart of hearts, that everyone has a special gift – all I do is believe in them.


We frequently get asked by parents and prospective students why APS is right for them. If you have any questions,you can give us a call on 0390781454 or email us at info@apstudio.com.au or you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.