It’s important to find the right acting class for you or your child. That’s why we offer one free trial class. So you can try us out for yourself. (Trial classes are unavailable for our Full Time program, but you are welcome to try out its sister course, our Part Time program.)

We have two main categories of classes: the professional yearly program for adults; and term-by-term classes for adults, children and teens. Our professional course is made up of our Full Time and Part Time program. They are intensive, audition-only courses focusing on craft development. Our term courses and holiday workshops run weekly and in the school holidays. Teaching skills to all levels from ages 2 to 82, from the very beginner to the very advanced, they offer a wonderfully diverse range of class styles; fun, inspirational, focused, demanding, energetic and motivating.

We are confident you will find a class that works for you at AP Studio.
Still not sure? Remember to sign up for your free trial class.

APS enrolment is simple.

You may enrol online by clicking the ‘Enrol’ link on each course page, by printing and completing the registration form that appears, or by calling us over the phone. Please read and agree to the APS Terms and Conditions. A completed and signed Student Registration Form will be considered enrolment confirmation. An enroled student’s place is automatically saved for the next term. APS requires 3 weeks notice if a student will not be re-enroling in the following term.

Course payments are to be made via credit card, EFTPOS, Direct Deposit, Cheque, Money Order, or Cash (in person).

Course fees are non-refundable to be paid in full prior to course commencement. Fees are payable on a term-by-term basis at the discretion of the school. With our multiple child discount, a price reduction of 5% will be honoured for 2 enrolled siblings. A discount of 10% will be honoured for 3 enrolled siblings. Sibling discounts are not applicable for the full time program. Our early-bird discount of 5% applies to the full time and part time courses.

Refunds are not available if a student misses a class. However, the student may make up the class by joining another suitable one within the same term, subject to availability.

When paying via Direct Deposit credit full course fees to:
Account Name: Acting Performance Studio
BSB: 063 119
Account: 1042 6236
Please enter the student’s name and the APS course name in the description field on Internet Banking.

When paying with Cheque, Money Order or Cash (do not post cash) send/deliver to:
1/34 Levanswell Road, Moorabbin Victoria 3189
Please supply the student’s name, the APS course name and course commencement date with payment.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in to all classes. Although some courses require these items more than others, it is usually a good idea to bring a notebook, pen and bottle of water to class. If you need anything more specific such as costumes, props or a USB stick for your scenes, your tutor will let you know.

A very experienced actor.

If you are seeking serious and ongoing training we suggest you audition for our FULL TIME or PART TIME courses. These pre-professional programs are demanding. Actors who have a good understanding of themselves and have worked in the industry thrive because we are thorough and in-depth in our training. Our part time course in particular is perfect for accomplished actors wishing to extend their process, without wanting to commit to a full time schedule.

Many APS students are working actors who use our ON SCREEN BOOT CAMP and ACTING ESSENTIALS term classes as actor’s gyms to keep in creative shape in between jobs, or to be ready when the next screen test arrives.
We provide private lessons in acting and singing to keep you sharp, fresh and audition ready. Call us to talk through your options of how you can be ready the next time opportunity knocks.

An actor with some credits or training.

We recommend you audition for our FULL TIME course in the pre-professional program. Our rigorous training will identify your current capabilities in your work, and train you to extend yourself to the next level in a supportive environment. We strive to help you become the actor you know you can be.

New to acting.

Each term we offer a range of acting classes to initiate you into training and an actor’s process. Our INTRODUCTION TO ACTING term class (being offered soon for 2017) is the perfect place to start for a detailed approach to stage acting skills. Meanwhile, our ON SCREEN BOOT CAMP and ACTING ESSENTIALS courses for adults and teens provide a rich source of creativity, tips and camera techniques to beginners as well as more experienced actors.

Our FULL TIME program is appropriate for talented and committed individuals ready for the rigours of serious actor training. Auditions are now open.

Participants will be asked to prepare two monologues of their choice to perform for the audition panel. The first monologue should be modern (from a published play) and the second from Shakespeare. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in.

We call our course full time even though the contact hours are 21 hours a week because of the high work load involved. The out-of-class work is extensive, and as in any acting course, student training will falter if they don’t commit to the prep work assigned. Scenes will need to be learnt, research done, text analysed, scenes broken down, characters explored, exercises and processes applied, extra rehearsals scheduled. The list goes on.

Additionally, our program is demanding so successful applicants will exhibit a zest for learning, a level head, and a committed manner.

Via workshops, meetings and showings we guarantee access throughout the program to agents and casting directors. There isn’t an acting course in Australia that can guarantee representation upon graduation. However, established agency Smallfry/Derrick Talent is the sister company to APS. As such, we are uniquely positioned to offer you experienced mentorship in navigating the business part of show business. Whether you are pursuing work in film and TV, on stage, or auditioning for a three-year course, you will graduate from APS poised and prepared to screen test and audition at all levels of the industry.

We are passionate about helping kids find the capacity to soar. By exploring and increasing their dramatic skills early in life children learn self-expression, self-respect, develop empathy and foster a love of language. We understand kids who live outside the box. Drama classes can provide a creative safe haven where young people find members of their own ‘tribe’. Our children’s courses offer a place where young people can learn to trust their unique selves, and are valued for their differences.

Teen classes involve drama improvisations and warm ups to prepare the class for the work ahead and to assist in breaking down barriers and creating an ensemble, before the practical work is begun. Ask your teen to read our individual course descriptions, and see if one jumps out at them. Our Holiday Program offers training and fun classes in more specific subject areas. Whether it be helping the beginner to build confidence or assisting the more advanced actor for upcoming auditions, all teens in our classes are encouraged and supported to be the best they can be. Each class is tailored to suit the skills and experience of each student. As those skills advance and develop, the tutor will evolve the work.

If your teen has never attended an acting class we would love to invite them along to try a free trial class. Although trying a new thing is sometimes a challenge, our tutors are experienced at this and will make the transition for your teen relaxed and fluid.

We encourage even our very youngest students to be independent beings whilst they are ‘at work’ in drama class and therefore ask that parents/guardians don’t sit in. However, we have CCTV in each classroom and a screen in the front foyer for parents to watch their child’s class from a distance. Parents/guardians are welcome to wait for their children in the front foyer when necessary (particularly parents and guardians of younger students). Otherwise drop offs and pickups are advised to avoid office congestion. Some courses offer an end of term performance or open classroom for families.

Our Teach the Text: Professional Development Series offers a range of workshops for educators of play texts such as English and Drama teachers. Whether you are an experienced educator honing your skills or a new teacher wishing to establish a firm knowledge base, we provide you with the professional development to instil in your students a profound comprehension of the texts on the 2014-2018 Victorian Curriculum.

Courses for educators are offered at the APS studio as part of our Holiday Program or onsite at your school.