1. A completed and signed Student Registration Form will be considered enrolment confirmation. Course fees are due in full prior to course commencement. No course can be commenced until fees are paid in full.
  2. Fees are non-refundable and payable on a term-by-term (course-by-course) basis; within 7 days of a tax invoice being presented.
  3. Discounts will be given to families with multiple enrolled students. A discount of 5% will be honoured to the second student enrolled from the same immediate family. A discount of 10% will be honoured to the third student enrolled from the same immediate family.
  4. Missed classes: We cannot offer a refund for a missed class. Students who have missed a class for any reason are welcome to arrange a make-up class. Make-up classes are available either at the studio where the student is enrolled or at any APS studio. To arrange a make-up class please call or email our office, however please be aware that make-up classes are subject to availability and at the studio’s discretion.
  5. Acting Performance Studio has the right to alter advertised classes, times, days and fees at any time. Although it will use its best endeavours to give reasonable notice of any alterations, the student will have no claim in respect of any such alteration.
  6. Acting Performance Studio requires 3 weeks’ notice if a student will not be re-enrolling in the following term. An enrolled student’s place is automatically saved for the next term if such notice is not given. In the event that the student cancels their enrolment after this time, the Studio will be entitled to charge a term’s fees.
  7. Dishonoured cheques: The cheque issuer will be notified of any dishonoured cheque payments. Full payment will then be required by cash or DirectDeposit (including payment of all fees relating to the dishonoured cheque).
  8. Parents/guardians are welcome to wait for their children in the front foyer of the office when necessary (particularly parents and guardians of younger students). Otherwise drop offs and pickups are advised and encouraged to avoid office congestion and possible student distraction. Some courses offer an end of term parent/guardian and family performance; Acting Performance Studio staff will inform parents and guardians of this option during the enrolment process. Parents must not enter the actual Studio performance space at any time without first having the Studio’s permission.
  9. Acting Performance Studio need to be informed when any details previously stated on the Student Registration Form have changed, in particular contact details, health issues and emergency contact details. Strict privacy procedures will be followed when storing student personal information.
  10. Acting Performance Studio expects appropriate and positive behaviour from its students at all times. Should these expectations not be met by a student at any time, Acting Performance Studio will discuss behaviour issues with the student (and parents/guardians in the case of the student being under the age of 18). If said inappropriate behaviour continues, the student will be issued with a maximum of 3 warnings. If, after 3 warnings, inappropriate behaviour continues, and poses threat or harm to others, the offending student will be asked to discontinue classes.
  11. I understand that Acting Performance Studio will treat students with reasonable care at all times. Acting Performance Studio and/or its staff will not be held responsible for accident, injury or loss of property to any student or their parent/guardian that may occur on our premises, or whilst the student partakes in any activity or event arranged by the Studio, outside our premises or whilst travelling to/from any such activity or event. I hereby release and discharge Acting Peformance Studio of any liability associated with my/my child’s participation in Acting Performance Studio courses, activities and events.
  12. I confirm that I am/my child is fit and well and not suffering from any condition, injury or illness that would be harmful to myself/my child or others whilst partaking in a performance class. All relevant and important health and management details have been included on the Student Registration Form.
  13. In case of any accidental injury or incident to myself/my child whilst partaking in any Acting Performance Studio class, activity or event, I authorise any necessary medical treatment and agree to cover any medical expenses that may be incurred, and I will indemnify Acting Performance Studio in respenct of the same