Unleashing the Wild Side: 40 + Beyond

Adult Screen Acting


About the Class:

Develop, enhance or discover screen acting and techniques for film and television production through Acting Performing Studio’s tailored courses. We cater for beginners starting out in set life, to those changing from stage to screen, as well as those wanting to advance their skills in film and television.

We have an all-encompassing course that gives you an insight into all areas of film and television production, and helps you develop skills in analysing and writing scripts, performing, understanding character, directing, cinematography, sound, film editing and more. We take you on a journey from the empty set to a full-fledged production, enabling your class to create their own 5-7 minute short film.

At Acting Performing Studio we create a ‘mini-Hollywood,’ so you will get to develop the acting skills, the directing skills and the writing skills that casting agencies, production houses and film and television studios look for when employing cast and crew in the industry. Our all-inclusive classes, ensure you understand every aspect of the film and television process, with practical, personal and professional know-how that build your confidence in the industry or for further tertiary studies.


We expect participants to be able to build the whole film world from scratch, working both in front and behind the camera, learning pre-production, production and post-production, to make a short film that will be presented on the big screen. Participants will refine their acting techniques for camera giving them the confidence and awareness of industry practices.

You can download the curriculum for the whole year here: Adults Course Outline 2022

$500 Limited GST free
Unleashing the Wild Side: 40 + Beyond

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<h2>About the Class:</h2>

<p>Develop, enhance or discover screen acting and techniques for film and television


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