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And the OSCAR goes to… AUSSIES in the 90th Academy Awards

Alright, how many of you dream about receiving your very own Academy Award? I know I have, I even prepared a speech once when I was little and forced my …Read More

Profile PhotoadminApril 6, 2018

Do drama classes in secondary school matter?

Many years ago when I was a student in secondary school, there was the feeling around the school grounds and in the academic classrooms that drama was, wait for it, …Read More

Profile PhotoadminDecember 13, 2017

AP Studio Full-Time acting student YIANA PANDELIS books lead role in FEATURE FILM

Congratulations to Full-Time student Yiana Pandelis, who has just landed a lead role in an upcoming feature film. We can’t reveal more at this stage, so stay tuned for more …Read More

Profile PhotoadminNovember 20, 2017

ELECTRA.HEART.ORESTES – An APS Full-Time Program production

300 years since a nuclear apocalypse devastated the land, a cursed family battle for the throne. Eight years since her father’s victory at Troy, Electra waits for her beloved brother …Read More

Profile PhotoadminNovember 9, 2017


  Following the huge success of our Inaugural APS Short Film Festival in 2016, the Adults’, Teens’ and Kids’ classes are excited to present their short films for 2017 in …Read More

Profile PhotoadminNovember 9, 2017

The amazing tutors we work with at Stella Adler, LA

Our students have been fortunate enough to have trained with some amazing calibre of tutors during their past Stella Adler Hollywood Workshops, including Academy Award winner Milton Justice and the …Read More

Profile PhotoadminOctober 16, 2017